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Progressive ProKeeper 4-piece Deli Storage Set


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Product Features: 

4-Piece Set

Air Tight Silicone Seal

Hinged Lid

Grooved Bottom Keeps Juices Separate

Dishwasher Safe

Product Description:

The ProKeeper 4 piece Deli Storage Set includes one large deli keeper, one large split deli keeper and two mini deli keepers.  Each Deli ProKeeper features an airtight seal with a hinged, clear lid for viewing of contents.


  • (2) Mini Deli ProKeeper
  • (1) Large Deli ProKeeper
  • (1) Large Split Deli ProKeeper


  • Deli ProKeeper containers keep deli favorites fresh longer.
  • Each Deli ProKeeper has an air tight silicone seal that extends freshness.
  • Grooved bottom keeps juices separate.
  • Hinged, clear lid for viewing of contents.
  • Dry erase date area on lid for notating when deli favorites were placed in container.
  • Split Deli ProKeeper is perfect for storing both meats and cheeses.
  • Grooved bottom keeps extra juices and moisture separate from stored items.
  • Lid Type: Hinged
  • Material: Plastic


  • L x W x H
  • Mini Deli ProKeeper : 6.88 x 5.43 x 2.34 inches
  • Large Deli ProKeeper : 11.73 x 7.4 x 2.33 inches
  • Split Deli ProKeeper : 11.69 x 7.36 x 2.33 inches