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Negligee Model 63881 Kalimo



Product Description:

The chemise is made of flowing satin and has a comfortable cut. It is a must-have item in an elegant woman's wardrobe and will prove useful in any situation. The kimono sleeves give you the option of wearing it two ways: rolled up cuffs or straight. It all depends on what mood you're in. This short kimono cut satin gown has a belt that highlights the waist in a sexy way.

The simple short satin robe impresses with its elegance and almost versatile use. You can put it directly on your naked body and effectively pull down while slipping into your partner's bed or combine it with more than one proposal of petticoats by KALIMO.

The chemise comes packaged in an elegant, large box, so if you're looking for something to give as a gift this is the perfect solution. Style: fitted to the right parts of the body providing high comfort of wearing ensures elasticity of the fabric in the right directions ensuring proper work of material (flowing satin effect) satin belt emphasizing the waist

Material: high quality , fleshy satin softness on the inside high gloss on the outside high quality weave Additional product features: satin belt kimono sleeves that can be worn in 2 lengths underwear packed in a beautiful, large box (ideal for a gift)