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Light Shelf

Color: BLACK

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Product Description:

LIGHT SHELF is light with a minimalist design, composed of a 1mm-thick steel plate. It can be used not only as indirect lighting but also to suit a variety of lifestyles.

The square shape is made by simply bending a single piece of steel plate. It is carefully crafted one by one by Japanese craftsmen with delicate skills in metal processing.

On the desk:

The height of the light is lower than that of ordinary desk lights.

It can be used as a desk organizer when you are done working.

When you are done working, you can use it as a desk organizer to keep your work tools neatly in the light frame.

For reading:

The width of LIGHT SHELF is exactly 30cm.

This width is just the right size to open a book.

Color: Black/White

Size: W300mm x H110mm x D110mm

Material: Iron/Aluminum/Acrylic

Weight: approx. 1.1kg(Main unit only) Light source: LED

Power consumption: 3W

Accessory: AC adapter(AC100~240V)/Dimmer/User's manual


* This product is non-refundable due to custom shipping and manufacturer from Japan.

Product made in Japan