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Chazutsu - Kabazakura


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Product Description:

This tea caddy is accented with a flat band of cherry bark. The narrow tea caddy is just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand. A tea spoon is included in the set.

About "KABAZAIKU" "KABAZAIKU" is a traditional Japanese craft made from the bark of mountain cherry trees. Something like a tea caddy that comes in contact with the hand on a daily basis becomes more lustrous as it is used and retains the unique luster of the mountain cherry. The materials are collected by craftsmen using a unique technique for forming boxes and cylinders, and each piece is hand-cut and polished one by one.

※ Please note that there are cases where uneven colors and shades can be seen on the product, but this is something unique to natural wood.

※ Please do not leave the product in a humid or too dry place for a long time.

※ Do not wipe with a wet cloth.

※Please avoid direct sunlight.

Size: Diameter7 x H12.2cm

Weight: 100g

* This product is non-refundable due to custom shipping and manufacturer from Japan.

Product made in Japan