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Pura Coco

Based in Austin Texas, USA.

I'm passionate about cold-brew coffee but always felt it lacked natural sweetness. I became determined to sweeten the bitter beverage in the healthiest way possible. After experimenting with many types of sugars, honeys and agaves, I realized that steeping coffee in coconut water created the healthy and tasty cold-brew that I was searching for.

I decided to bring this unique beverage to market only to realize that the heat pasteurized coconut waters were severely lacking the flavor and nutrients of freshly cracked coconuts. So I set out to pioneer the world's first coconut water cold-brew coffee by first producing the best coconut water.

I searched the world for the tastiest coconuts and found them in tropical Costa Rica. We partnered with local farmers, built a state-of-the-art facility, and Pura Coco was born. The results are the freshest and most delicious coconut water-based beverages on the planet.

- Burnett Treat / Founder & CEO, Austin, TX

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